Saturday, June 16, 2018

Hello again

Well it has certainly been a while. I have been being pulled in a million different directions these last few months. Reconciling with my husband, getting a teenager through graduation and preparing for college. I guess my blog fell through the cracks of my busy life. I will do my best to not allow that to happen again. Well....I am on a new journey if you will. So much to update, I guess I should just take it one day at a time and share as the mood hits me.  I don't know if I shared here before that I've been trying to decide if I want another baby. I think I do, sometimes I really really do. So much so that we even tried for a few months. Then other times I am not sure.

But recently my husband (who just turned 50) decided he doesn't want another child ;( Now, I know there are a combination of reasons for his hesitation but that we will cover in another blog post.

So because of this new development I have had to sadly redirect my energy into building my body and my business. Not because of where I have to redirect but why I have to redirect. Which should be entertaining or at the very least interesting for you, as I pour my heart out over the next few months of maneuvering this new reality.

Any who, we'll chat later :)