Monday, July 23, 2018


As I've mentioned I am on a journey of re-invention and renewal before my birthday. I have been following a daily devotion to help me work on the most important part of this journey and that's my mind. So I wanted to share this with you.
Renewal Thought: God doesn’t want to patch up your current way of thinking; He wants you to have a whole new way of thinking! This daily process is the journey of a lifetime!
That last line is my favorite part of this reading. The idea that this can be the journey of a lifetime is so refreshing and reassuring that it gets me excited. I want this to be exactly that. So here is an action step for you if you want a taste of what this has to offer.
What one thought can you change today that can transform your life?
For me it's not so much a thought but a feeling. I get to decide how I feel about something. Knowing that changes the way I approach it, which in turn changes the experience. In that is so much freedom and much more happiness.
It takes work to apply that to some situations. I find that I tend to veer towards negativity automatically when it comes to certain things, so I have to actively force myself to focus on the good things. If I focus on the positive, the good, when I go into whatever it is I usually find out that it wasn't bad at all. And sometimes its enjoyable..... Go figure!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

GOD is that you?

The other day I saw a series of numbers:111( which means my thoughts and ideas are coming to reality) and then a few days later I saw: 555 ( which means positive change, my life aligning). A girl I know went on and on about these being angel numbers and that I needed to pay attention as my angel is trying to communicate with me. It went in one ear and out the other 🙄...then I cut my hair and decided on a path of re-invention and

What's crazy is I know why I cut my hair but it has brought up some deeper emotional stuff. Feelings and

thoughts I am trying to make sense of. But I knew I needed and wanted a change.

I h🤣
Then yesterday I read a scripture that caught my attention and brought those incidents to mind. Then this morning I received an encouraging message from a friend that brought this whole thing full circle for me and has me thinking that I should be listening.
So I don't know if paying attention to numbers is a contradiction to being a christian but I believe God is trying to tell me that my life is aligning, let go of the past and embrace this new chapter of my life. Trust the choices I am making as he is guiding me but keep him at the center of it all.
The scripture was John 11:25 which states; "I am the resurrection and the life" 😮 There's a little more but this is that part that evoked an emotional response, just days after I decided it was time to re-invent, restore and transform from head to toe. Ok God, you've got my undivided attention But my fear is that

I will be distracted or something will happen to throw me off course. I guess right now I should stay in pray and trust that I really am being guided. But how......

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Creating a new balance

Last we "spoke" I was reconciling with my husband. Well we are back to living under the same roof again, which has it's ups and downs. My husband is not always the best influence on a healthy lifestyle. He thinks he is but more often than not he isn't. One of the things I struggled with the most was his always wanting to eat out. So finding my balance since us moving back in together has been tough to say the least.

I really think of it as creating a new balance versus finding my old balance because the dynamics are different. I now have to consider cooking for two other people again, their cravings and treat moods. So often I find myself retreating to my bedroom early as to avoid falling into the treat trap they have created here. I have to create a new mindset and backup plan for when I'm feeling out numbered in the bad decision arena.

I have to create a new routine......does that make sense? Or a new safe space. The good thing is I think I know where to start and the beauty in creating anything is deciding what you want that to feel and look like. This gives me the freedom to sit quietly and get to know me, where I am right now and reinvent or renew myself. That's exciting....right? This gives me the opportunity to decide what I want this time in my life to look like, how I want it to feel and how I want to move in it. How do I want to recreate me?

Well..... I know I want to be well put together, elegant, athletic, well versed, cultured, zen, loving, nurturing, successful, well traveled, fun, funny, at peace, spiritual and in love. That's what I want to create. I am excited <3