Sunday, December 2, 2018

Post Thanksgiving week cleanse

So here it is 😊....... I finished my cleanse with a total of 4.6lbs lost. I didn’t measure inches, which I should have because there’s a clear difference.
But when I started I hadn’t planned on talking about it so, I didn’t and the only thing I cared about at the moment was getting the Turkey week weight back off.

It was wonderful and I will be starting December back where i was before the holiday. Back on my nutition program and adding in a modified cardio program because of my injury to continue on to dropping 15lbs in December. If you want info on the cleanse just shoot me a message on facebook at or  email me at as I will be doing it again in a week and would love to guide, support and help you.

So I’m happy to say I was only .4lbs shy of getting all the holiday weight off. But I’m doing it again next week if anyone wants to do it with me. It’s only 3 can do it and we can support each other. Whose down?
Drop your favorite dancing gif and I’ll message you the info.