Monday, January 9, 2017

Ultimate Reset Day 1

A starvation cleanse this is not and thank God for that. Today marked day 1 of the Reset for me and so far so good. I did wake up wanting my daily latte but I replaced it with some herbal tea and it worked just fine. I think I just missed having something warm to drink in the morning. However, I did find myself missing the taste later on in the day but I am sure that will pass. I find that as long as I am prepared and eat when I am supposed to eat I do just fine. Yes, temptation did rear it's ugly head several times today but I held on, by the grace of God. My husband locked his keys in the car which meant I had to drop everything and go pick up our daughter. Mind you I was in Sprouts at the time shopping for my meals and hadn't had lunch yet. So I purchased a garden salad, removed the cheese that was on it, used a little of the dressing it came with and ate it in route to pick up Miki.
And I was OK, until we had to make a few stops on the way home and the temptation monster started talking to me and pointing out all of the great restaurants we were passing, but I made it.

And I am so glad I held on, the Reset meals are absolutely delicious and the program does not leave you starving so my game plan for the next 20 days, when I am faced with the choice to eat a yummy bad treat will be to simply hang on until the next meal. Remember the fresh amazing ingredients I made them with, how wonderful they taste and eat on time. Plan ahead and accordingly and all should go just fine. Tonight's amazing dinner was roasted asparagus, boiled potatoes and marinated salmon.... and it was divine. There is no cheat meal that would have tasted as good and left me more than satisfied and with feelings of pride for sticking to my program like this one did. Day 1 in the books, 20 to go.

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