Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My life is about to change

Well would you look at that. Life is going along just fine, I was 9.6lbs (give or take a pound or two here or there) from my goal weight and bam! Now I am pregnant, you know to be honest I am overjoyed about this. But this has me completely overwhelmed with what to do about my progress for the next 9 months. Well....7 and a half now.

All of this has got me to thinking....what do I want this pregnancy to be like? I know I want it to be healthy, I know I want to show other women that they can 100% still workout and take care of themselves while pregnant. That being pregnant does not mean you have to sit around eating and getting fat. It should and can be a time of optimal health. So that's what I want this pregnancy to represent. Everything that I know it can be, everything that I have learned and become over the years culminated into this period of time to show why this is a better way of life.

So how do I want to do this;

1). Eat the way I have learned how to eat: clean, delicious fresh ingredients, putting the absolute best food available to be into my body to nourish and sustain my body and baby during this pregnancy.

2).To get plenty of rest, and

3).To workout the way I like to with the goal in mind to continue to burn fat and build lean muscle.

To thrive, glow and grow with my baby in a way that shows women just how amazing and capable this process and our bodies were designed to be. That is what I want this pregnancy to represent. So let's do it :)

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