Monday, March 12, 2018

I am grateful

    The other day when I was working out I started to cry. I was a little sad but also grateful. I was grateful that....I not only have the desire to be fit, but that I am capable of pursuing it.
    I wasn't always like that this. I didn't grow up in a home of athletes and my brothers didn't play sports. My parents had to work, they didn't have time to workout.....or so it seemed.
    So how the hell did this wonderful lifestyle come to me? Well that story is long but.....I'm so glad it did.

    So, I started to cry because I GET to lift weights, go for a run or ride a bike. I GET to feel the benefits of this lifestyle, when so many people can't.
    I talk to so many women that have the desire but physically cannot because of injuries, limitations or illness. They are so desperate to do the things I usually take for granted and this day that struck me.... and I cried.
    I cried because my heart wished I could do something more for them. But I can't, all I can do is cherish every workout, even the sucky ones and continue to do my best to help as many people as possible.
    So on those days when I'm not feeling it I will say to myself "if you continue to waste the time and abilities you've been given, what will you do if they're gone. Will you wish you hadn't squandered Gods precious gifts of time, opportunity and ability or will you take control of your life and do it for those that can't?"
    In honor of everyone that can't, I PROMISE..... that I will not waste, what I've been given

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