Monday, July 23, 2018


As I've mentioned I am on a journey of re-invention and renewal before my birthday. I have been following a daily devotion to help me work on the most important part of this journey and that's my mind. So I wanted to share this with you.
Renewal Thought: God doesn’t want to patch up your current way of thinking; He wants you to have a whole new way of thinking! This daily process is the journey of a lifetime!
That last line is my favorite part of this reading. The idea that this can be the journey of a lifetime is so refreshing and reassuring that it gets me excited. I want this to be exactly that. So here is an action step for you if you want a taste of what this has to offer.
What one thought can you change today that can transform your life?
For me it's not so much a thought but a feeling. I get to decide how I feel about something. Knowing that changes the way I approach it, which in turn changes the experience. In that is so much freedom and much more happiness.
It takes work to apply that to some situations. I find that I tend to veer towards negativity automatically when it comes to certain things, so I have to actively force myself to focus on the good things. If I focus on the positive, the good, when I go into whatever it is I usually find out that it wasn't bad at all. And sometimes its enjoyable..... Go figure!!!

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