Thursday, July 12, 2018

GOD is that you?

The other day I saw a series of numbers:111( which means my thoughts and ideas are coming to reality) and then a few days later I saw: 555 ( which means positive change, my life aligning). A girl I know went on and on about these being angel numbers and that I needed to pay attention as my angel is trying to communicate with me. It went in one ear and out the other 🙄...then I cut my hair and decided on a path of re-invention and

What's crazy is I know why I cut my hair but it has brought up some deeper emotional stuff. Feelings and

thoughts I am trying to make sense of. But I knew I needed and wanted a change.

I h🤣
Then yesterday I read a scripture that caught my attention and brought those incidents to mind. Then this morning I received an encouraging message from a friend that brought this whole thing full circle for me and has me thinking that I should be listening.
So I don't know if paying attention to numbers is a contradiction to being a christian but I believe God is trying to tell me that my life is aligning, let go of the past and embrace this new chapter of my life. Trust the choices I am making as he is guiding me but keep him at the center of it all.
The scripture was John 11:25 which states; "I am the resurrection and the life" 😮 There's a little more but this is that part that evoked an emotional response, just days after I decided it was time to re-invent, restore and transform from head to toe. Ok God, you've got my undivided attention But my fear is that

I will be distracted or something will happen to throw me off course. I guess right now I should stay in pray and trust that I really am being guided. But how......

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