Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Against everything that I know as someone with an Exercise Science education and experience, I weigh myself just about everyday. Yes.... I know this behavior is ridiculous but I do it anyway. So on a morning like this one when I am reminded of why this is such a bad practice when the scale doesn't move. I have to remember to look at the whole picture. Not just the scale.

So I remembered that as I took my clothes off this morning and looked at  my reflection in the mirror; I noticed my waist is smaller, I am getting more of an hour glass shape back. I noticed the fat on my arms is less visible and I noticed that I am stronger.

These are key things to acknowledge because a scale is not a good measure of progress. It is simply one piece of I have said before.

So instead of feeling stuck today or defeated. I will remember that I am not just losing fat, I am replacing it with muscle. Which is much denser and completely reshapes the body in a good way. So keep moving forward, crush your workout and eat clean, as today is another day to harness your inner badass :)

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