Sunday, February 18, 2018

End of Phase 1

Sometimes it can be hard to see just how good your doing until you see what others can see. That's why I encourage you to take pictures while on your journey.
Sometimes I let defeatist Diane creep into my head (I stole that term from another thanks Rachel). Defeatist Diane says "Ugh!!! Your working so hard and you still have so much belly to lose" or ugh!! your arms are still so flabby"

What defeatist Diane doesn't say is " girl you killed those lunges the other day even with bad knees" she doesn't remind you that you wore a dress last night you bought too small last year and looked good in it 😏. She doesn't tell you to look at that badass in those end of phase 1 photos and tell me you don't see a difference.
Don't listen to Defeatist Diane, that bish is crazy😂😃. Take pictures, enjoy and celebrate every victory big or small and go into every workout knowing they were designed to help you become the best version of you possible. For the last two weeks of February I will be opening my group for women that are ready to make this the year you make your comeback. Message me to grab your spot. I mean summers coming whether your ready or be ready 

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